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Quack Fix: LaMichael James Visits Local Schools, Spring Football and NIT Revenue Breakdowns

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I wanted to give a special thanks to the West Albany High School students and faculty for allowing me to come participate in their 2012 Career Day. No, I didn't talk about being a professional blogger because I didn't want them to think I was some nerd hanging out in my mom's basement. Instead, I talked about Software Design... a MUCH cooler profession. Onto the quack!

  • Today is the Oregon Football Pro Day with all kinds of folks in town to show off their skills and work to impress the pro scouts. Yesterday, LaMichael James made some appearances at some local schools to answer questions and make some donations on behalf of SKLZ, an organization who helps athletes with development.
  • Spring football is fast approaching and Bleacher Report breaks down some of the stories come out of fall camp, offering up a projected two-deep and presenting an interesting take on some position battles, specifically around quarterbacks. I'm anxious to see who comes out as the starter going into fall and seeing what Bryan Bennett, Marcus Mariota, and Jake Rodrigues can do. Regardless of what any of them do, I'm sure people will be calling for Bellotti to come back and put in one of the backups.
  • Senior Associate Athletic Director for the University of Oregon, and friend of the blog, Craig Pintens (@UOPintens) gave some interesting quotes to KEZI-9 News regarding how much revenue the University actually gets from participating in the NIT. Well, I'm happy to report that it's a 90-10 split... with the NIT taking the big portion. Don't worry good folks. It's not like the State of Oregon will be paying for the opportunity to bring another CBI banner to one of our fine gyms for another year... oh wait.

Light on quack today. For those that missed "Pi Day", I had chocolate. Sucks to be you.