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Quack Fix: Big Win for Basketball, Bowerman Award Watch List and Habitat for Humanity

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Ok, what on earth was Jonathan Loyd doing when guys would make baskets? I need to learn how to do that dance.

  • In a back-and-forth matchup at Matthew Knight Area, the Ducks got the huge win over the Colorado Buffaloes 90-81. With the win, the good guys move into 3rd place in the Pac-12 standings with a game to play. This win will also do a lot to keep Oregon's NCAA Tournament hopes alive.
  • Baseball looks to keep their hot streak alive with Long Beach State coming to town. You might look at the Long Beach record of 4-4 and thing the Ducks have a series win in the bag. Not so fast my friend. With a series win over Cal, and a traditionally tough schedule, the Dirtbags will have some confidence coming to PK Park. ESPN is here to let us know that PK Park is one of the places to be this weekend for college baseball. There will also be some special honors for some old Ducks at PK this weekend.
  • The Rose Bowl win over Wisconsin just keeps on giving. As a part of the festivities, the city mayors got involved with a friendly wager and Madison Mayor Paul Soglin has paid up. If you aren't doing anything today around 1:45pm, head on over to the Jaqua Academic Center where Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy and the football team will present Mr. Soglin's $500 check to Habitat for Humanity.
  • The Bowerman Award, Track and Field's highest collegiate honor, has 2 Ducks on the current watch list in Jordan Hasay and Brianne Theisen. I often wonder if the success of football has overshadowed, to some degree, the amazing program we have on the track. For as much as football likes to spurn tradition through slogans, Track and Field has a rich and storied tradition to be proud of. I only hope that people aren't ignoring the special athletes and teams we have seen come through Hayward.

And finally, we all know that time keeps moving along but did you know we are approaching some major milestones in terms of technology? Let's look back at what movies were telling us about our future and what we can expect in the coming months and years.