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Report: Dana Altman Staying At Oregon

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With the head coaching job at Nebraska open, and Dana Altman having strong ties to Cornhusker State, there were a number of rumors that Dana Altman might be headed back to his home state.

However, ESPN is now reporting through a source that Dana Altman will not be leaving Oregon.

Oregon coach Dana Altman will remain Ducks coach and not entertain the thought of going back to Nebraska, a source with direct knowledge of the situation told Thursday. [...]

According to the source, Altman told Oregon's administration as well as Nike CEO Phil Knight that he would stay with the program.

This is good news for the Oregon program. In two years, Altman has taken a team that was at the bottom of the Pac-12 to competing at the upper level of the conference. And with Phil Knight's reported appreciation for loyalty, this development bodes well for Altman staying at Oregon for quite a while.

Despite his success, there is still a lot of work for Altman to do at Oregon, and Takimoto will have more on this topic later this morning. But for now, we can relax that we don't have to go through another coaching search. GO DUCKS!