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Quack Fix: Jimmie Sherfy Closing Like a Boss, Learfield Director's Cup, and Counting Sneakers

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Just in case you were wondering, it's $100 to have a special message displayed on Duck Vision during football games. You know the messages... the ones before the game and during halftime that display for about 5 seconds. Mental note. Buy a giant video board.

  • Basketball season may be over for the Oregon Ducks but that doesn't mean we have to stop thinking about it. In an article that Daisy is sure to love, Complex breaks down the Top 20 Greatest Sneakers in Oregon Basketball history. This list takes me down memory lane and also makes me look for directions to the nearest Nike store to go pick up some kicks. My personal favorite is the 2011 Joevan Catron model coming in at #9 in the list. Of course, I do like flashy. Special thanks to @complexsneakers for sending that in.
  • Baseball begins a 3-game series against the Utah Utes tonight at PK Park and the 13-5 Ducks will be looking to get back on track after dropped the opening Pac-12 series against Washington. If Oregon wants to contend for Omaha, this is a series the men of green and yellow must take, especially this early in the season. Helping them to do that will be closer Jimmie Sherfy who has emerged as a dominate closer. Aaron Fentress, from the Oregonian, takes a look at Sherfy's journey from hotshot out of high school, to riding the pine in college and emerging this year to strike out 37 batters in 24 1/3rd innings.
  • Interested in how the University of Oregon is performing in the Learfield Director's Cup? How does the Top-20 sound? Bolstered by the Women's Indoor Track and Field Championship, the Ducks are ranked 19th in the latest standings, good for 3rd in the Pac-12. Stanford is currently in first place.
  • Well, it didn't take long for someone to call for a major football upset next season. Someone is hoping on the Mike Leach train and calling for the Cougs to upset an undefeated Ducks team in a signature win at Century Link field in Seattle. That will be the first road game of the season and with Washington at home the following week, could this be a trap game for Oregon? There is a good chance that Washington State is 4-0 going into that game.

And finally, we go behind the scenes with Boseko Lokombo as he films the Oregon locker room after the November 12th, 2011 Stanford game. You ready? I'm ready.