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Fact or Fiction: De'Anthony Thomas will be the 2012 Pac-12 Football Player of the Year

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Oregon Ducks all-around superman De'Anthony Thomas broke onto the college football scene in a major way in 2011, sharing Freshman of the Year honors with USC Trojans wide receiver Marqise Lee. Some people have DAT penciled in as an early favorite to head to New York for the Heisman Trophy ceremony. Looking back at his Freshman year, you can't help but look to his improvement throughout the year and wonder how much further Thomas can push himself up the ladder. Is it realistic to think he could be the 2012 Pac-12 Football Player of the Year?

Big Expectations.

The Pac-12 Football Player of the Year award has been dominated by quarterbacks and running backs over the last decade with a pair of Stanford greats in Toby Gerhart and Andrew Luck taking home the award the last 3 years. De'Anthony Thomas isn't a quarterback (although who knows what will happen this spring), but he's certainly not just your run-of-the-mill running back. Given the talent coming back in the Pac-12, will Thomas rise above them all? That leads us to our Fact or Fiction question.