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Quack Fix: Spring football position battles, Ducks get series win against Utah, and other Duck sports

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Did you know Eugene was the first city to have one-way streets? Onto the Quack:

  • Spring practice is right around the corner and I'm sure everyone's eyes will be fixed on the position battle or the Quarterback. It should be interesting to see how each of those guys does as they are put to the test, but just like the last time the QB position was up for grabs, I don't expect to see any resolution until late in the fall. Another position that is up for grabs though is kicker. Beard struggled to get back on the field last year after a quad injury, and Maldonado was shaky at times. I'm not too concerned about kick off, since Oregon has yet to give up a kick return for a TD in the Chip Kelly era, but when you need a 37 yd field goal to put the game into overtime, I want to have someone we can count on.
  • Oregon lost a heart breaker Sunday evening to Utah on a home run that bounced out of Aaron Jones' glove in the ninth inning. The Ducks did get the series win though as they won 5-3 on Saturday, and 3-1 on Friday. It seems like the bats are starting to slow for the Diamond Ducks as they have entered Pac 12 play. The loss puts them at 15-6 on the season and 3-4 in the conference.
  • NFL draft is right around the corner and Ted Miller answers some Pac 12 questions. Personally I think LMJ is going to go higher than a lot of people expect. While media and paid columnists may be idiots at times, NFL scouts usually aren't. I know they've seen the success of Duck running backs in the league (Stewart, Blount, Morris, etc) and I'm sure they've seen enough tape on LMJ to realize he is more than capable of running between the tackles and carrying a larger load than a 3rd down back.
  • Moseley continues his spring preview with a look at the offensive line. I'm excited about the guys we have coming back (York, Clanton, Grasu, Cody) that have extensive game experience. But I'm also looking forward to seeing what a couple of guys that were highly touted (Fisher, Stevens, Yruretagoyena) coming in can do with an increased work load.
  • Lastly, make sure you catch up on some of the other Duck sports news floating around right now. Oregon Lacrosse fell short at High Point. Oregon Track looks undervalued with good performance in LA. More on Women's Softball and their Civil War match up Women's tennis, Men's Tennis, and the #1 ranked Women's Track.

There's your Quack to start off your week. Leave any other pieces you find in the comments.