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Quack Fix: Altman on the recruiting trail, RB depth a question

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With basketball season over, Dana Altman is back into recruiting mode, with finding a couple of guards the pressing priority. Altman stresses that he will take the best options available, whether that be freshmen or transfers.

In football news, Aaron Fentress looks at the running back position, where depth is a major concern. Kenjon Barner has never had a full, healthy season at Oregon. DeAnthony Thomas' role for next season is undefined, though it will probably involve more carries, and Byron Marshall won't be here until fall. Is this the chance for walk-on Ayele Forde to potentially earn a spot in the rotation?

The baseball squad has regressed to playing .500 baseball over the last three series, and its not getting any easier. The Ducks are in San Marcos, Texas, taking on a Texas State squad that has just fallen out of the rankings, but had five straight shutouts at one point this season. This isn't your usual midweek series, and its not getting any easier, as Oregon takes on Arizona State this weekend, and UCLA the next.

Eugene Wong is tied for the individual lead, and the Ducks lead the tournament overall, headed into the final round of the Duck invitational.

FishDuck's Jerod Young has a profile on basketball assistant Kevin McKenna.

Finally, in Pac-12 news, OSU's Jared Cunningham will "test the waters" for the NBA draft. I hope for the conference and for the Beavers that Cunningham stays (I also think he can improve his stock with a solid senior season), but OSU has had all this talent the last few years, and all they've gotten out of it are a couple of CBI berths. I find that sad.

Also, a quick programming note, no Tuesday Night Talks this week as Matt is watching the Blazers play the SuperSonics. We'll be back next week. Meanwhile, if you find more quack, don't be shy about sharing.