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Quack Fix: Rick Neuheisel Back in Pac-12 Football, Softball and Baseball Notes, and Football Recruiting

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Want to know how to define ATQ? People are more interested in Tako's living room medicine cabinet than what he actually had to say. Onto the quack!

  • Baseball dropped a tough two-game series against Texas State this week which put the team on a 3-game losing streak. What better way to end your losing woes than to take on Pac-12 superpower Arizona State. Thankfully, the series is at home where the Oregon Duck pitching staff will need to perform much better than it has this week if they want to be looking at a series win on Sunday. First pitch is at 6pm. The team has been hot and cold so far this year but with a lot of season left, Oregon still has plenty of opportunities left to take control of the conference.
  • Fans and sportswriters widely panned the Darron Thomas decision to turn pro after a victory over Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl. As we move towards the 2012 NFL Draft, some are taking a look at Thomas as a potential answer to their pro teams' woes. One such destination could be the Miami Dolphins. Here's a breakdown of some potential choices for the Fish including a look at how Darron might be the answer.
  • Have you missed the news on the Softball Team? This team is no. 16 in the nation and playing some of their best ball, racking up a 22-6 record on the season. Boise State was the most recent victim as the Ducks rode their bats to victory on an 8th-inning home run by Lindsey Chambers. Oregon will play Arizona State this weekend.
  • Our friendly neighborhood blog brothers at Coug Center have a fun transcript of Washington St. Cougars Head Football Coach Mike Leach comparing the Pac-12 mascots. Man, I can't wait for the Pac-12 Conference Calls next year.
  • In Football Recruiting news, Bob Rickert of the Oregonian gives us some information on the offensive line needs as well as some updates on Duck recruit Nico Falah.
  • The Pac-12 Network has a wonderful new edition to their analyst and color commentating crew for football.

And finally, many of you know that this was the wettest March in recorded history in Oregon. I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready for a little summer.... wait a second, not that summer. This summer.