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Tako Tuesdays: Vagrants

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I'm pretty sure some sort of transient spent the last few days living in my car.

My Jeep, La Llama Blanca, was stolen two weeks ago from outside my apartment. It was found yesterday, and when I went to pick it up from impound, I found dozens of little treasures scattered about the interior, a veritable Easter egg hunt of things that smell like pee. What was unearthed, you ask?

  • Four different pairs of gloves.
  • Three cigarette lighters.
  • A suitcase.
  • Two pairs of nylons
  • A T-shirt. In the center console.
  • Four boots, in three different styles.
  • Two CD cases filles with approximately 100 CDs (and you best believe I kept those. The first CD I saw when I opened one? Ryan Adams. JACKPOT!).
  • Zero car stereo units.
In short, the car is totaled and I'm gonna get about $2200 in the settlement, $2200 that I intend to quickly blow on hookers and coke (translation: student loans, a new seat for my bike, The Walking Dead graphic novels, and a four-day pass to Comic-Con. Haters gonna hate.). But what's the point? Here's the point. Since Dana Altman took the reins of the Oregon basketball program, he has made good use of college basketball's drifters: the one-year transfer.

In 2010, Dana Altman inherited a program that had won ten Pac-10 games in the past two seasons. Ernie Kent's recruits were jumping ship, and fielding a full roster, much less a competitive one, was becoming a challenge. Enter Jay-R Strowbridge. The hoops nomad began his career at Nebraska, continued at Jacksonville State, and eventually concluded in Eugene. He provided a scoring spark off the bench for the Ducks, averaging 9.4 points per game in 2010 for the Ducks, third best on the team. His big game came against the Beavers, when he busted out for 26 points, including six threes, in a blowout win over little brother. As a finale, he averaged 10 ppg in the CBI championship series against Creighton.

This season, Duck fans were treated to a double dose of talent with Olu Ashaolu, he of the jump-over-a-guy-and-dunk persuasion, and Pac-12 first teamer Devoe Joseph. Joseph has been the difference this season between a middle-of-the-pack team in a crap conference and a potential NCAA tournament team. He's the only Duck that can consistently create his own shot off the dribble, and is the best pure scorer in the conference. And Olu has been a force down low, averaging 8.5 points and 5 rebounds, and delivering the highlight of the year with his vicious thunderdunk against Utah.

With Joseph and Garrett Sim out of eligibility, along with the transfers of Jabari Brown and Bruce Barron, we can expect some more help from the JC ranks in 2012-13 at the guard position. Coach Altman has shown his ability to attract value players at the JC level, a skill essential to building a successful D-1 roster. And next year's roster is a piece or two away from being a Pac-12 title contender.


It's that time Quack Addicts! The second best ATQ game picking contest of the year, the annual March Madness pool. The ATQ group on ESPN's tournament challenge can be found HERE, and the password is goducks. The winner will be awarded a prize to be determined, though it is sure to be cheap, relatively useless, and completely silly looking. So, something like Layla Kiffin. BOOM! ROASTED! But seriously, Mrs. Kiffin is unavailable for public appearances at this time. I checked.