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Resources for following college baseball

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With the team's ten game winning streak, there is a lot of interest in Oregon baseball. However, we won't be able to see many of the games on TV until the Pac-12 Network debuts next season, and many of the national sports sites don't cover a lot of college baseball, it can be difficult not just to follow the Ducks, but to get a good idea of what's going on nationally. Here are some places I've found over the last couple of years to help me follow the game, and I hope readers will add resources that they use as well.


Baseball America is the gold standard for following prospects, the minor leagues, and college baseball. They have good nationwide college baseball coverage with many of the features that you expect from some of the bigger sites such as blogs, chats, and previews. It focuses mainly on teams in the top-25, so it gives you a good idea of what's going on nationwide, though it won't be terribly Duck-centric. Baseball America is responsible for the college top-25 poll. My favorite feature is their weekly podcast, which along with the Solid Verbal and Tuesday Night Talks should be on everyone's podcasting list.

College Baseball Daily is another college baseball site. Its not to the level of Baseball America in my opinion. They have daily updates and weekly chats. They have some very good content, but its something that I check about once a week as opposed to once a day.

The same applies to College Baseball Insider, but with a couple important caveats. CBI has a few very nice features. One is that they cover recruiting and have lists of all the early signings. The other is that they note all televised games across the nation. They also have a daily "around the bases" features with scores and notes of significance every morning.

College Baseball 360 is a site I have just discovered, so I'm still trying to figure out where it fits, but I wanted to note it here.


For Oregon stuff, you're going to read pretty much the same stuff you do for other sports: the Register-Guard, the Oregonian, etc. I'll be trying to do a lot more baseball stuff this season here on ATQ as well. Also, don't forget about the resources available at You have to pay to be able to watch the home games there, of course, but a lot of highlights and interviews are available free. They also have a good stats page if you're into stats like I am, as well as realtime stats if you want to keep up with games but can't listen to the radio broadcasts.


There are a few good Twitter accounts to follow for Oregon baseball fans.

@OregonBaseball is the baseball team's official Twitter page, and usually gives game updates every half inning. They also tweet information on game times, promotions, etc.

@UO_ThePond is the student section for Oregon baseball. It's more fun than insightful, but I like reading their tweets.

@AdamJude_RG writes about baseball for the Register-Guard, but if you have Twitter you're already following him for his football stuff.

@aaronfitt is the lead college baseball writer for Baseball America. Follow him for notes on the national scene.


There's not a ton of college baseball on TV, at least until the College World Series. That should change next year with the Pac-12 Network, but Oregon has been lucky through its CSN contract to have more games televised than most. Here is the TV schedule this season (all games on CSN, except 5/26 on FSN/ROOT):

3/31 vs. Arizona Sate 2:00 (all times PT)
4/01 vs. Arizona State 12:00
4/20 vs. Washington State 6:00
4/22 vs. Washington State 12:00
4/24 vs. Oregon State 6:00
4/27 vs. California 6:00
4/29 vs. California 12:00
5/08 vs. Oregon State 6:00
5/13 vs. USC 2:00
5/26 at Oregon State 1:00

Hope this information helps those who want more information on college baseball. Share your links in this thread.