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Bubble Burst: Oregon shoots itself into the NIT, loses to Colorado 63-62

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This was a brick.  The Ducks delivered an entire truckload of them tonight.
This was a brick. The Ducks delivered an entire truckload of them tonight.

This wasn't part of the script.

It was the great thing about the Oregon basketball team. They have three guys who at any time could carry a team in Devoe Joseph, EJ Singler, and Garrett Sim. Their shooting percentages have been phenomenal. We could withstand an off day from any one of them. Probably any two of them.

So of course, none of them end up being able to shoot.

Oregon put up 13 more shots than Colorado did. Outrebounded the Buffs by 13. Only had nine turnovers. But Oregon lost because they shot 39% from the field--a number that was generous due to a late run--and 18% from three. The Big Three combined 13-43 from the field and 3-19 from the three point line, and the Ducks only shot eight free throws. It was as ugly an offensive performance as we've seen from Oregon all season. And while the Colorado defense was very good, a lot of this was simply Oregon missing open shots.

What was odd was the start--EJ Singler and Garrett Sim hit threes on Oregon's first two possessions to give UO a 6-0 lead. The Ducks would only hit two more three pointers the rest of the game.

Oregon was able to hang tough due to excellent rebounding and fairly good defense of their own, and a late 10-0 run would find the situation with Oregon up one with about thirty seconds to go. Colorado's Carlon Brown drove the lane and missed the layup--but three guys went for the block, leaving Andre Roberson wide open for what was ultimately the game winning putback. Oregon got one final shot on an inbound with 4.5 to go, but called a questionable play of just passing to Joseph for a fade-away three pointer that did the same thing every other Joseph three-pointer on the day did--fall way short. Tony Woods was the one bright spot for Oregon, with a career high 14 points, often being the only one who could come close to finding a bucket.

The loss put Oregon in the NIT, and awaiting the much less exciting part of Selection Sunday to find out who their opponent will be.