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Sources: John Canzano to Leave Oregonian Staff, Join SB Nation

It isn't often we get to announce SB Nation network-wide news on Addicted to Quack but since we are fortunate enough to receive much of the spoils, SB Legal has graciously allowed us to announce that John Canzano, famed writer, columnist and host of the "Bald Face Truth" on 750 The Game in Portland, will be joining the writing staff of Pacific Takes, SB Nation's blog dedicated to all things Pac-12.

As a side benefit, we will also be featuring weekly columns from Mr. Canzano as he will be looking at the merchandising machine that is the University of Oregon and how they can produce such an array of amazing products to sell at outlets all over the United States! His weekly musings will be appearing in a special feature for Addicted to Quack called "The Mall'd Face Truth". Please help me in welcoming John to the SB Nation staff!