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Quack Fix: Kiko and Arik making the most of their chances; Baseball on a roll and other odds and ends.

Quite a lot of Quack out there so let's dive right in:

  • How about that baseball team? While the Ducks weren't able to pull off the sweep against the #6 rated Stanford Cardinal this weekend, they did take the first two on the road. We talked before this stretch about what a brutal couple of series Oregon was playing. In the last 9 days Oregon has played 8 games, 6 on the road against two top 10 teams. They ended up going 6-2. That is something special right there. I am really starting to wonder what kind of run these guys have in them for the post season.
  • The lady Diamond Ducks have been doing a little work themselves. Oregon's softball team just finished off a sweep of Utah with 6-2 and 11-1 wins. Oregon is now 29-9 and ranked #15 in the country.
  • Ken Goe has a quick take on Track and Field. I agree that I would like to see more dual meets and rivalries in Track. I still contend that when the Pac 12 Network is up and running, we'll definitely see more content around the major sports, but sports like track and field will gain a tremendous amount of exposure. That could lead to some great event and even some more dual meet rivalries.
  • I really can't tell you how excited I am for the defense next year. The K.O. boys (Mike-O, Kiko, Boseko) at linebackers being a big reason for that. Kiko is definitely one of those guys that has taken his third chance and truly tried to do something with it.
  • Looks like Lache had himself another nice spring game for Baylor.
  • Can I haz moar defense? It is sort of amazing to consider that with how highly touted and talented this kid is, he's going to really have to work to crack the 2 deep on D-line. I'll just say it again, Oregon is loaded on defense this year.
  • Finally, here are some more tidbits for you to sink your teeth into. Oregon basketball recruiting. Men's golf. Women's lacrosse. Women's tennis.

That's all I have boys and girls. Enjoy your week and make sure to drop any other quack in the comments.