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Quack Fix: Ducks get out the brooms, Oregon needs to close the borders, and Spring practice starts Tuesday

Did you know the Oregon state flag is the only state flag displaying different images on each side. On to the Quack:

  • Baseball team had a strong weekend as they got back into winning things. Oregon swept the #14 ranked ASU Sun Devils, 1-0 on Friday, 3-1 on Saturday and 4-3 on Sunday. After an awful trip to Texas State, it was good to see the boys get back to winning again. Sunday was the Aaron Jones show as he went 2-3 from the plate and drove in the first three runs. Next up will be Ucla this weekend.
  • Guess what? The men's golf team is ranked #12 and just swept the Stanford Tourney Titles including a one stroke decision of #8 USC.
  • George Schroeder has a piece on the "what might have been" front for the Ducks or Beavers if they could keep some of the in state basketball talent at home. This is definitely something Altman needs to improve on. There is plenty of talent in-state for Oregon to recruit, yet the tradition right now is for it to leave. I'd like to see some of these kids stay home, especially when their families have legacies at Oregon.
  • Are you ready for some football yet? Well Fentress takes a quick look at the defensive backs in his spring preview.
  • Also, spring practices start tomorrow and Oregon is looking to fill in for some big time losses. I know there are some guys going to step up for graduates like Paulson and Kaddu. I know there will be some position battles like QB or kicker, but I am most interested in finding out what happens with the WRs. Last year was mostly a disaster for the WRs, and the one guy that had a stellar game in the Rose Bowl, Tuinei, is now gone. I'm still concerned about what we have at that position, and whether or not they'll be able to get on the same page with a new QB quickly enough.

Final basketball game tonight. How does your bracket look? That's all the Quack I got for now, leave anymore in the comments.