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Quack Fix: Jimmie Sherfy, What's the Duck's Name, Marijuana Use, and Jeremiah Masoli

Perhaps growing up in the Northwest has jaded me a bit to the dangers of marijuana and its effect on people but I look at the recent ESPN article about Oregon football players smoking pot as confirming what many people already assumed. Whether or not you buy into the "legalize" movement, I think the world is changing in terms of stigma around marijuana use. I think this will always be a story as long as there is athletic department rule about it that could cause suspensions and removal from the team due to use. If that rule goes away, maybe this becomes a non-story.

  • Chip Kelly responded to the recent ESPN article discussing the marijuana use inside the Oregon Football program. We've gotten used to Chip's usual gruff and flippant responses to media questions but I appreciate the brutal honesty in this article. Maybe people outside of the Northwest find this whole thing appalling and scandalous but from a fan perspective, this is a whole lot of "Breaking News: Water is Wet".
  • Going along with my take, the Seattle PI says that America is becoming more accepting of marijuana use.
  • We've talked about all-around Duck Baseball star Jimmie Sherfy a lot on the blog. He's been recently added to the National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association Stopper of the Year Mid-Season Watch List, or as you may know it, the NCBWASYMSWL. The award is given to the top reliever in D1 Baseball.
  • Pop quiz hotshot. Some reporter comes up to you and asks you what name you use to refer to the Oregon Ducks mascot? You have 10 seconds to come up with answer. What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO?! Well, here's what other people came up with.
  • Jeremiah Masoli, quarterback of the future. I remember when we used to say things like that. Now, the Edmonton Eskimos are saying it and it isn't the first time they've taken a chance on a guy with a checkered past. It just goes to show. You don't need to go to the NFL to make money in football.
And finally, for those that follow Addicted to Quack on twitter, you might notice that Chesterfield will make the occasional reference to Nixon, the Boston Terrier. This week, Chesterfield sent me a note asking if Nixon could pick this week's fun vid. Who am I to argue. With that, please enjoy.