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Quack Fix: Tough weekend for baseball, T&F get ready for Pac 12 Championships and NFL draft this week

Why are you still injured?
Why are you still injured?

I can't decide if it's the certain seasons that I like, or the changing of the seasons that make it better. I like going from rainy to warm, to windy to cold, to rainy to warm again. Anyway, I digress, onto the quack:

  • Tough weekend for the Diamond Ducks. Not only did they drop 2 of 3 to WSU, but OF Brett Thomas collided with Kevin Shepherd adding to the list of injured Ducks. A team that was on a roll and after winning it's last 11 of 13, now looks incredibly vulnerable going into the stretch run with multiple guys on the injured list.
  • The Pac 12 Championships are just around the corner, and the Ducks are shaping up nicely for the stretch run. Coach Lananna is using multiple lineups to get athletes ready for their final meets. With the men's team having won 5 straight conference title and the women's team ranked #1 nationally, expect Oregon to be the favorite once again to take the conference titles this year.
  • I'm sure Dave would like it if the women's basketball team was as competitive as the women's softball team. Nice to see the Ducks knocking off #1 Cal.
  • I've been vocal about the marijuana story at Oregon. Needless to say, this is a problem that every university struggles with. Let me also say, if ESPN had written an article profiling the proliferation of pot use among college students and college athletes and hadn't included Oregon as a primary piece of the passage, I think I speak for most Oregonians when I say I would have been a little disappointed.
  • So Maldonado is continuing to work on his range in practices. Does someone want to explain to me why Beard is still recovering from god knows what?
  • Lastly, the NFL draft is this week. A number of Ducks are available and the consensus is that LaMichael James will be going first from the group. I still contend that with the recent success of Duck DBs in the NFL such as Ward, Byrd, Chung and Thurmond that Pleasant will get the first look before Darron Thomas, Kaddu, Harris or Paulson. Although, let me say this,with my allegiances to the Steelers, I wouldn't be upset if they took any one of those guys after round 2. If you're an NFL fan, what player are you hoping your team selects from the Ducks and why?

That's all the quack I got, drop the other pieces in the comments.