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Quack Fix: The NCAA makes itself really hard to defend

You all realize that we have football this weekend? Yes, its fake, contrived, meaningless football, but when you've been deprived this long, you'll take anything. Now, onto the quack:

  • Matt and I had a fun conversation with Dan Rubenstein of the Solid Verbal on Tuesday Night Talks last night. Download that conversation, or any of our other podcasts, HERE. Michael Clay was also a guest on John Canzano's show.
  • It was a rough day for the injury riddled baseball team, as they dropped their third game in a row, 7-1 to Oregon State. Jordan Spencer got hit pretty hard, and the Ducks are short four starters in the field due to injuries.
  • Oregon will be auctioning off player used jerseys, and Mark Asper doesn't like it. Asper makes a great point, and its further proof that the NCAA is a total joke. Players aren't allowed to keep their jerseys, as it somehow is an "extra benefit," but the school can sell them and keep the profits. You stay classy, NCAA.
  • The NFL Draft starts this week, and Oregon should have several players drafted.

I know you all will find more quack out there. Make sure to share.