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ATQ Exclusive Discount: The Maniac & Me - What I've Learned from Loving a Duck Fan


A few weeks ago DCDuck made a comment regarding a book out there called The Maniac & Me: What I've Learned from Loving a Duck Fan. Well, the author of the book noticed the comment and sent me an email wondering if she could offer an exclusive discount for Addicted to Quack readers to order the book.

So, if you're looking for an upcoming Mother's Day gift, or an early Father's Day gift, or you just want to read some fun stories about living with maniac Duck fans, this is the book for you. I know I'm looking forward to reading my copy! Here is a short description from the co-authors and the information for the discount.


The Maniac & Me: What I've Learned from Loving a Duck Fan is a tongue-in-cheek self help manual for anyone who loves a die-hard University of Oregon football fan.

From the co-authors: "We never attended the University of Oregon but our husbands were roommates in Eugene and they are MANIAC duck fans! After ten years of being ducks-by-marriage, we decided it was time to share the wisdom we've gained! (Or at least let someone get a good laugh from the craziness.) Our book is chock-full of true stories of duck-loving children, duck-filled-Saturdays, and homes that have been completely Oregonized. We've also included dozens of survival tactics for enduring a Maniac Fan, even during the football season. If you're a Maniac Duck Fan... the people who love you and live with you NEED this book!"
Order the book at: Exclusive savings only for ATQ readers! 25% off retail. Use coupon code: 8BLFQZX3. The offer is good until May 31, 2012.

Please note: This book is not a product of the University of Oregon.

Here's a link to their blog: Here's the link to their book page: