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Quack Fix: Dumb draft choices, Sack leaders and the Derp of the BCS, not death

Keeping passing me over, you'll regret it later
Keeping passing me over, you'll regret it later

So, what does everyone want to talk about? The draft? Fine, let's talk about the stupid draft. I'm starting this MQF with a little diatribe. The NFL draft is not a recognition of the best college talent. If that were the case Ryan Tannehill going 8th and Doug Martin and David Wilson going ahead of LaMichael James would be called the dumbest selections this side of Twizzlers over Red Vines. The NFL draft is about horrible people making horrible judgments with very limited information. The NFL draft is a combination of beauty pageants, annual physicals (without meeting Dr. Jelly Finger) and small part pandering to fanbase that desires to see change. It's the really smart front offices that are able to filter out all that noise and go after the best available player, or guy that actually fits their franchise that succeed in the NFL. So just because our favorite college player wasn't taken day one, doesn't mean our favorite player isn't as good as numbers 1-32 in the NFL draft. It means that two-thirds of the idiots drafting are drafting for the wrong reason and will rue the day they passed on player X when he's kicking their ass in the playoffs 2 or 3 years from now. Onto the Quack:

  • WARNING, WARNING: CANZANO ARTICLE!!! Although a positive spin on the draft and the Ducks, once again John Canzano is wrong. The Ducks not having anyone drafted in the first round does not mean they don't have talent on the team. It means the talent they have is talent the NFL hasn't figured out yet. Anyone want to do the 2009 draft over again and see if Jarius Byrd is selected in the first round? Oregon continues to employ a "Moneyball" type strategy even if other college teams are starting to catch on. That Moneyball strategy is one that exemplifies Chip Kelly's strategy of using speed, scheme, leverage and smarts to out play its opponent. What Kelly is doing is not defying the laws of the NFL, but instead out-thinking them. Eventually the NFL will catch on, but until then they will continue to trade up and draft the Doug Martin's of the world. Congrats Tampa Bay, you struck out twice in three months... idiots.
  • The Pac 12 did end up sending 4 players to the NFL in the first round. Unlike the B1G Ten, it didn't take long for the Pac to get on the board as Andrew Luck was taken first overall. There are still a number of Ducks and Pac 12 players that should see movement in the later rounds of the NFL draft.
  • Ted Miller has a poll up about sack leaders for the Pac in 2012. Dion Jordan leads the way right now. If Jordan has the type of year many people are expecting him to have, he could play his way into the first round of the draft next year. As a matter fact, Clay, Kiko and Boyett all have a chance to put up stats and measurables that give them a good shot of reaching a big payday in the NFL. And you wonder why I'm so high on the defense going into next year.
  • The Diamond Boys have struggled recently, but things don't get easier in the Pac as Cal heads to town this weekend. The #10 Ducks need some of the bench and younger guys to step up to keep them in the post season conversation.
  • Moseley has a great video interview up with Tacoi Sumler. jcgoducks had a post this week about what unit you're most excited about seeing in the spring game, and for me it's the wide receivers. If we can get some play making wide receivers to compliment our potent rushing attack and big play defense, the sky is the limit for the Ducks this fall.
  • YAAAAAY, another version of the BCS!!! Color me still not excited about the idiots that came up with the BCS creating the next iteration of the BCS. Should we just call this BCS 2.0 or BCS '14 (like Windows 95)?
  • Lastly, don't forget to check out the big discount given to the ATQ faithful for ordering the book The Maniac & Me: What I've Learned from Loving a Duck Fan. If you're a maniac, and if you're reading this far in the Quack Fix, that means you are, then make sure to order this book and give it to the people that have to put up with you on a daily basis.

That's all the Quack I have patience for right now. Go ahead and leave any other quack you find in the comments.