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Oregon Spring Game: Open Thread

Yes, Rose Bowl Champions, we are all excited to watch some football
Yes, Rose Bowl Champions, we are all excited to watch some football

WHO: Fighting Ducks vs Mighty Oregon
TIME: 11:00 AM PST
LOCATION: Autzen Stadium
MEDIA: or ESPN App on XBox

FOOTBAW! The green team coached by Mark Helfrich and led by Bryan Bennett will be the Fighting Ducks, and the white team coached by Nick Aliotti and led by Marcus Mariota will be Mighty Oregon. If you need a refresher on the rosters click here, and it is probably a good idea to have this depth chart open on your computer so you can identify some of the new players on the field. Sit back, enjoy the exhibition and salute to the troops. If at least for part of a day, Oregon football is back on TV.


Couple of updates from Rob Moseley of the Register Guard:

Safety John Boyett is not in pads today. He dealt with knee problems, at least, last season. Didn't practice much if at all this spring.

Receiver Ben Butterfield is not in pads. He suffered a season-ending knee injury last fall.

WR Josh Huff is not in pads, either. Took it easy this spring to allow the stress fracture in his leg that he played with last year to heal.

Colt Lyerla isn't in pads. No idea why. Neither are walk-ons TE Dallen Voeller (shoulder, I think) or DB Bronson Yim (leg).

Justin Hoffman isn't even in a jersey, hasn't been all spring. Essentially a GA for Scott Frost now due to his concussion issues

Linebacker Rodney Hardrick is not in pads, perhaps still rehabbing his knee injury from last fall. Nor is walk-on OL Matt Pierson.