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Quack Fix: Some site news, the defense leads the way, baseball heads to UCLA

Before we get to the quack, we have a bit of site news. At the end of March, I stepped down from the lead blogger position at Addicted To Quack. As my day job became increasingly more stressful, I wasn't able to give the site the attention that it needed. Luckily, Dave has re-taken the lead on the site so nothing much has changed except an increased enthusiasm for bringing you the best content we can. I'll still be around commenting, doing a quack fix a week and writing when the inspiration strikes. But I'll be taking a big step back and getting out of the way so others can take the site to the next level.

I am truly honored to have been involved with Addicted To Quack and SBNation. It's been a blast to cover the greatest 3 year stretch in school history and interact with everyone here on a daily basis. As I've said before, the community here is what makes this place so special. Anyway, thanks again, Go Ducks! And let's get to the quack.