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Quack Fix: Carson York Updates, Baseball in 2nd Place, Track and Field Freshman

What is the quack fix late and what's in the box man? WHY IS THE QUACK FIX LATE AND WHAT'S IN THE **** BOX?!

  • Baseball started off the weekend right with a 6-2 win over the UCLA Bruins last night. The Ducks have won 4 in a row and move into a tie for second place with UCLA in the Pac-12. Jones Keudell extended his scoreless inning steak streak to 22 wins innings. We asked in Fact or Fiction this week if the Ducks were good enough to host a regional. A series win this weekend would seriously help. Also, there is a great article on catcher Aaron Jones.
  • Kailee Cuico had a big game for the Softball team, hitting a three-run homer in the 5th inning to lead the Ducks past Stanford, 18-5, on Thursday. Also from the article, news on the Globetrotters coming to town, all-academic awards, and the schedule for the UO Football Women's Clinic. My wife has done this for a number of years now and has loved it each time. If you are of the correct gender persuasion, I highly recommend you check it out.
  • The winds of change are ever blowing. Freshman come to college and adjust to all the hassles of being on your own. In the case of athletics, there are even more new and exciting issues to deal with. The Register-Guard has an expose on the incoming Freshman to the Track and Field team.
  • Obviously with the losses at running back over the last few years, depth is an issue going into Spring, something even position coach Gary Campbell acknowledges. However, even though there is this strain, great opportunity exists and especially for our man Kenjon Barner. Personally, as much as I like KJB, you have to expect a dropoff in the running game because of the depth and departure of LaMichael James. As others have speculated, however, I believe we are going to see a more balanced offense next year because of the skillsets we will employ.
  • One of my favorite twitter followers follows, Carson York, is on the mend after his injury in the Rose Bowl. I think he should bring a faux hawk to the table however. Not sure I'm liking just the standard cut.

You have quack? You give it and sorry for being late.