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Quack Fix: Darron Thomas, Virtual Ducks, Veteran Quarterbacks and Biz Markie

Wait just a second. I know where I've seen that Windows 8 interface before!

  • Rose Bowl-winning quarterback Darron Thomas was widely criticized by fans and media alike for leaving Oregon early for the NFL. Some of this criticism was based on talent evaluation, some was probably based on raw emotion of feeling "betrayed". That hasn't stopped Thomas as he's received an invite to the Cleveland Browns minicamp. Here's to hoping that Thomas does just enough to earn a contract but not enough to actually have to play for the Cleveland Browns.
  • I haven't purchased an EA Sports NCAA Football game since 2010 but this year's game is making me reconsider. One of the features in the game is the addition of Rece Davis breaking into the action to give updates which may affect your game. How is this related to Oregon? He's breaking into the Oregon-USC matchup in a video clip from the game.
  • As Duck fans, we've gotten used to newbie quarterbacks taking over the reigns of the team and having a lot of success immediately. That, however, isn't the norm. My question for you is how much of this is coaching and how much of this is recruiting?
  • It's spring time and that can only mean one thing. Time to include some content about ugly uniforms!

And finally, we explore the complexities of interpersonal relationships in this week's Friday Video.