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Quack Fix: Baseball Ducks still rolling, 2 new Pac 12 Championships and Spring wrap

I hope everyone had a glorious Mother's Day. Remember, if it wasn't for your mothers, none of us would be here. Onto the quack:

  • And the boys of the diamond keep rolling along. Jake Reed was stellar in his start on Sunday and Kuedell was equally as awesome in their win on Saturday. The Ducks are now 37-14 overall and 18-8 in conference with a game and half lead on Arizona. The final game against USC is tonight at 6:00pm.
  • Softball team isn't doing too shabby either. Oregon is set to host its first ever regional starting Thursday. Congrats to the lady ducks on their tremendous season so far.
  • So apparently, top 10 player Anthony Bennett chose UNLV over Oregon. Congrats to the Running Rebs, and best of luck to Bennett. Oregon needs to move on and Chris Obekpa is still undecided.
  • The Pac 12 Championships were this weekend and it looked like an uphill fight for the men in track and a pretty sure thing for the women. Well, both teams came through in the end as Oregon took home two new Pac 12 Championship banners. You have to love this little tidbit of information from Ken Goe, "For those scoring at home, Oregon has won six consecutive men's conference titles and four consecutive women's titles. No other program in conference history has swept this meet in four successive seasons."
  • What's that? You want video of De'Anthony running? Well ok.
  • Lastly, Ted Miller has his Spring Wraps for all the Pac 12 schools. For Oregon, Miller pretty much nails all the key points. Who is going to replace Pleasant, Jordan and Kiko look like studs, the QB competition should be exciting and will Byron Marshall be ready? The one thing I think people keep dismissing though is the question marks at wide receivers. Unfortunately, I don't think Oregon is any further along at WR han they were last year.

That's all the quack I got. Leave any other pieces in the comments.