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Miracle Wolf Scholarship Fund

All of you are awesome! I can't tell you how humbled and small I feel by your generous outpouring of compassion and support that you showed through this fundraiser over the last two weeks. There aren't enough words and space to thank everyone involved, but I'll try. From axemen23 and his tireless work on getting the auctions up and answering all the questions from the bidders, to benzduck and his charitableness in getting poster put together for those that wanted them. To gekko mojo at UWDP and his willingness to look beyond the rivalry and pettiness of athletics and offer support of this worthy cause. There were donors like the ladies that wrote "The Maniac and Me" or former U of O President Dave Frohnmeyer, and the Duck Store and scudderfan who once again was the catalyst for all of this starting.

Finally, there were the cash donors that poured in by the droves. I wish I could post all the emails and comments I received from people supporting this cause. Beavers, Huskies, Ducks and non-sports related fans all stepped up and contributed. Most of all there was Dominic Dvieira and his family that led by example and matched donations to the tune of $436! All in all, our contribution to the Osteogensis Imperfecta Foundation will total more than $2400.

That donation will be sent to OI in Wyatt "Wolf's" name. This blog and the numerous people that contributed are not asking for recognition. So instead, I am passing on what Wyatt's Dad has to say in his honor. I'll let his words speak for how I feel about all of you:

Wyatt is an inspiration. We weren't sure he would be with us very long, but he's two years old now, and he's been a blessing to us every single day of his life. It is clear that no matter what limitations OI puts on him, he'll overcome them with his boundless spirit. Thanks to the Lord for giving us this wonderful boy. He is an inspiration.

At the same time, we are also inspired by our family and friends who have supported Wyatt, and supported us, throughout our time dealing with this condition. Our heartfelt and sincerest gratitude goes to all of you. You have taken care of us and given us love and hope and compassion. Thank you.


Daniel and Julia Flude