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Quack Fix: His Name is Colt Lyerla, Pac-12 Heisman Discussions, and Lift Big Eat Big

Our whole universe was in a hot dense state, Then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started. Wait...The Earth began to cool, The autotrophs began to drool, Neanderthals developed tools, We built a wall (we built the pyramids), Math, science, history, unraveling the mysteries, That all started with the big bang!

  • Baseball is coming down to the last few weeks of the season and while George Horton may be preaching the whole "one game at a time" mantra, that doesn't mean that we, as fans, can't take a itty bitty peek at the scoreboard over the weekend. While Oregon hosts Seattle at PK Park, many eyes will be on Arizona as a Wildcat sweep over the USC Trojans would create a tie at the top between Oregon and Arizona. Exciting times for a program competing at the highest levels. Even though this series is big, let's remind ourselves that this is baseball and that there are a lot of games left. Six teams still have a shot at winning the Pac-12 crown.
  • Moseley gives us some updates on women's basketball star Jasmin Holliday who spent some time overseas in China with Team USA.. Also, current assistant coach Keila Whittington is a candidate for the head coaching gig at Marshall. For more women's basketball updates, go check out the article.
  • Although we will all miss (HIS NAME IS) David Paulson, Ted Miller points at that Tight End-U is alive and well with spring breakout star Colt Lyerla. Being called a "special athlete with a year of seasoning", we'd better start coming up with the memes.
  • Heisman talk is always an important topic during this time of year and there appears to be 3 primary candidates coming into the season in Matt Barkley, De'Anthony Thomas and Keith Price. I know it's easy to pick on Washington but it's time to face it. Nick Holt is gone and they have seriously upgraded that position in the off-season. With a better defensive coaching job and another year under his belt, you have to look at Price as a potential darkhorse candidate coming out of the Pac-12, especially if UW starts off hot. My pick for the Heisman Trophy? Whomever has a great, final 2 weeks of the season because Luck was the odds on favorite going into last season and we all know how that turned out.
  • Long before we were declaring people Sanchez, the Ducks had a Sanchez of their own. Davis Sanchez played one year for the Ducks back in the 90's and went on to a very successful, 11-year career in the CFL.
  • Men's Golf opened with a respectable 5th-place finish in the opening round of the NCAA Central Regional. The second round opens at 8:20am EST today. I like golf but not enough to get up for a 5:20am tee time. Screw that.
  • Fish Duck has a nice interview up with former Oregon footballer Reggie Ogburn.
We have a Friday Video double-feature for your viewing pleasure this week. First up, we have the men's golf team taking us through the inner workings of the team and the athletic department. There are also some special guests including Chip Kelly, Kenjon Barner, De'Anthony Thomas, and more. The vid is about 15 minutes and very much worth the watch, if, for nothing else, to see how Chip Kelly's offensive speed has translated to the Golf Team in their approach, training and effort. Football may have won the day, but Men's Golf? They won the NEXT day.

Finally, I'm not much of an America's Got Talent watcher but I couldn't pass this vid up of a guy name Turf, a street performer from San Francisco. He is known as an Extreme Contortionist Dancer so this may not be for those that have weak stomachs but all I have to say is damn, that guy is impressive.