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Miracle Wolf Scholarship Fund

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As Duck and sports fans we marvel at what special athletes like De'Anthony Thomas or Ashton Eaton are able to do on the field of play. Unfortunately, not everyone is given those unique physical gifts. In fact there are some that are brought into this world already a lap behind in the corporeal game of life. It doesn't mean their hearts and strengths of will are any smaller though. Such is the story of our blog's Lil Wolf. Oseogenesis Imperfecta, or OI, is a debilitating disease that effects the connective tissues of the bones, causing brittleness. Children go through life breaking bones and in tremendous pain from the simplest activities.

To support our Wolf, we are once again holding a fundraiser to donate to the OI Foundation. The OI Foundation's goal is to foster research, education, awareness and mutual support. Funds raised help send families and individuals battling this disease to conferences to learn about treatment and support. They donate for research and to encourage new investigators to begin a career in OI research in the study of preventing and living with OI. Every dollar raised will go directly to the OI Foundation in Wolf's name.

To help encourage the support, some very generous and great people have stepped up and donated items to be auctioned off. For that spirit of giving, you have our eternal thanks! Here are the list of items and the links to where you can bid:

  • Four Vintage 13x19 Program Posters from AUCTION 1. AUCTION 2. AUCTION 3. AUCTION 4.
  • Three Separate Addicted to Quack Shirts from Scudderfan: T-SHIRT 1. T-SHIRT 2. T-SHIRT 3.
  • Autographed Copy of "The Maniac and Me" by Stacy Denison and Amy Tankersley: HERE
  • $30 Gift Card to the UO Bookstore/Duck Store: HERE
  • Signed Dennis Dixon #2 Jersey Number from axemen23: HERE
  • 2011 BCS National Title Game Media Guide: HERE
  • Daily Emerald Pint Glass and Special Rose Bowl Poster: HERE
  • Framed of Former U of O President Dave Frohmayer and Rich Brooks from 1995 Rose Bowl: HERE

Here is what we need you to do. First of all, bid on an item you want to own. Don't worry if the bid gets higher than what you'd like to pay, realize the money is going to a great cause. Second of all, tweet this, share this, like this and spread this to all of your Duck friends and family. Awareness of these auctions is secondary to awareness of this disease. Third, if you have an item you'd like to donate, send me an email. Lastly, if you're not able to win the item that you want, but still feel compelled to give, there is a widget below that will allow you to donate. Every dollar counts and all donations are confidential, please give. Our goal is to raise enough money to donate in Wolf's name so that he is listed in the OI Quarterly Newsletter. Let's make our Lil Duck Fan famous.

Thank you to each and every one of you that supports this cause.

Here is what Lil Wolf thinks about this whole thing: