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Quack Fix: Altman secures a commit, baseball wins in Spokane

A moment ago there had been no Yossarians in his life; now they were multiplying like hobgoblins. He tried to make himself grow calm. Yossarian was not a common name; perhaps there were not really three Yossarians but only two Yossarians, or maybe even only one Yossarian - but that really made no difference! The colonel was still in grave peril. Intuition warned him that he was drawing close to some immense and inscrutable cosmic climax, and his broad, meaty, towering frame tingled from head to toe at the thought that Yossarian, whoever he would turn out to be, was destined to serve as his nemesis.

  • If you didn't listen to Tuesday Night Talks last night, make sure you download it today. We had a great interview about Arizona State with Brad Denny of House of Sparky. We also had a few callers, and found out that FromAutzenWithLove is very English.
  • As Noah noted last night, Dana Altman secured a commitment from Houston SG Fred Richardson III, who chose the Ducks over Georgia Tech, Kansas State, and DePaul. The commitment is Oregon's 5th of the class, but still leaves the Ducks with two open scholarships.
  • Oregon baseball continues to be hot, coming from behind to get a 3-2 win over Gonzaga in Spokane. Kyle Garlick tied the game with a two run homer, then Oregon scored on a squeeze play for the win. The Ducks play one more against the Zags today, before headed to Tucson for the battle for first place.
  • Some kid named De'Anthony has joined the track team, and he'll anchor the 4x100 at the Oregon Twilight this weekend.

Enjoy your Wednesday. If you find more quack, please share.