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Quack Fix: Baseball team sweeps again, T&F and golf prep for NCAA Championships, and softball stays undefeated in regionals

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Cloaks slows you down in a fight. Makes you hard to move quietly, and the gold catches the light so you're nice and easy to spot at night. We had a deal and wearing a gold cloak wasn't part of it. You don't want me cleaning me nails, you don't want me looking you away. Why am I here? On to the quack:

  • What a great spring for Duck sports. The track and field men's team won an unexpected 6th consecutive conference title and the women's team cruised to victory as well and are early favorites to win the National Championship as well. On top of all that the baseball team continues to cruise along as they swept the hapless Seattle Redhawks this weekend.
  • Speaking of the baseball team, ESPN's Baseball Blog has the Ducks as the #2 overall seed in the tourney. This would mean not having to leave Eugene for the Ducks until they have to travel to Omaha for the college world series. Can't say enough about the job Horton and the Diamond Ducks have done this year.
  • Ashton Eaton has some competition for the decathlon this summer, but expect that to continue in London.
  • The Lady Diamond Ducks took full advantage of their home field by going undefeated and advancing to the Supers this weekend. The Ducks will now travel to Texas for the Super Regionals and a chance to play in the Women's College World Series in Oklahoma City.
  • They may not have won their regional, but even though they came up one shot short, the Men's Golf team advanced to the Finale in LA. The NCAA Championships are two weeks from now, and the fourth appearance for head coach Casey Martin in his six year tenure.
  • Have I told you lately how much of a genius Larry Scott is? Well, he is a freaking wizard and the rest of the college football world and conference commissioners are trying desperately to gather scraps from his table just to catch up.

Lastly, let me say once again, what a pleasure it is to be associated with such an amazing group of Duck fans on ATQ. The other mods make it easy to get access to and information for so much Ducks information. The community on a whole gives me insight and enjoyment of what it means to be a Duck fan. I'm grateful that you allow me to impart a little of my whimsy and idiocracy into your daily lives. No community offers what ATQ does on a daily basis... now, if only we could do something about our female overlords.