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Quack Fix: Student Athlete Art, Baseball and Softball Riding High and Darth Vader Plays the Accordion

I just wanted to give a big shout-out to a lot of folks in Corvallis that found out in the last couple of days that their jobs would be ending. I know we are supposed to be all "Corvallis sucks!" and all that but something I have always appreciated about the Oregon/Oregon State rivalry is that it very rarely goes into real life. A lot of good friends, from all sports affiliations, are riding in the same boat right now and my thoughts are with you guys. I will be doing what I can to help in any way possible. Anyway, let's get on with the quack.

  • First, in non-Duck related news, the Pittsburgh Panthers were told today that fullback Derrick Burns suffered a stroke on Tuesday. He had blood clots in the back and left side of his head, the left side being the one that caused the stroke and leaving that side of his body weak. He football career looks to be over. As I have gotten older, college age kids just appear younger and younger and stories like this really hit home. 15 years difference, I just think about having to deal with those real life issues for that period of time until my current age. Life is difficult enough, having such a young man going through that just hurts my heart.
  • Coming to the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art near you, LaMichael James and Kenjon Barner, among other student athletes, will have their art on display for public enjoyment. No word on whether any athlete has replicated the exact map to Agate Alley. The article also discusses some Lacrosse awards and honors.
  • What a big weekend in Spring Sports. Softball takes on the no 6 ranked Texas Longhorns in a 3-game series in the NCAA Super Regionals. The Ducks come into the contest winners of 9 of their last 13 games and look to continue their winning ways on the ESPN national broadcast at 6pm PT. The RG also has an interesting story about Samantha Pappas and her efforts in leading the resurgence at Howe Field.
  • Baseball has been grabbing all the headlines lately with an opportunity to not only win the Pac-12 Championship, but to host regional or super regional at PK Park. This weekend marks a critical series as the Civil War opens up in Corvallis. A sweep of the Beavers will guarantee a championship crown and a best 2-of-3 would guarantee at least a share of the title with Arizona. The tables have reversed from last year where Oregon State was going on the road looking for a big season-ending victory going into the postseason. By the way, anyone want to chip in to help the athletic department take care of George Horton's contract situation?
And finally, what Friday wouldn't be complete without your Friday Video. This weeks video is a wonderful medley of your favorite cello music with an appearance by Darth Vader and an accordion.