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The ATQ All-Time Oregon Basketball Fantasy Draft : Rounds 3 & 4

With the holiday weekend, and Tako deciding to go AWOL for a day, this draft week is coming to you on Wednesday. If you didn't catch the first 2 rounds or need a refresher on the rules, click here. Again, pick your team and get ready to vote on who has the best All Time Ducks Basketball team.

Round 3

Tako: Complementing Wilkins is one of the best inside-out threats ever to don the green and yellow. He ranks 17th in career points scored, and 2nd in rebounding behind only his new teammate Ballard. His senior season ranks as one of the best of all time by an Oregon big man: 56% from the field, 49% from three, 79% from the line. 15.2 points per game, 9.2 rebounds, and a few assists for good measure. Joining Ballard and Wilkins on Team Tako is Maarty Leunen

Paul: Since Tako took my boy, Maarty, I'm going with an unsexy yet solid pick to lock up my team's center. Urgel "Slim" Wintermute was, by all accounts, the tallest player on the west coast at 6'8", and was often regarded as the tallest of the Tall Firs. If rebounding statistics were kept in the 30s, Wintermute would likely be the Oregon record-holder. But he was also a scorer, finishing second in the conference to teammate Lauren Gale. In 1939, he helped lead the Ducks to the inaugural NCAA Championship and is arguably the greatest center to ever don an Oregon jersey. I'll gladly be the first to take a Tall Fir off the board.

Nick: I am going to complete my starting backcourt by selecting a shooter whose range is almost limitless. Paired with Ridnour in the backcourt, he can focus on what he does best---draining open shots. In Tajuan Porter's freshman season, he set an Oregon record 110 3-pointers, smashing the old record by 16. He finished his four years at Oregon as the career leader in 3-pointers made, including three of the top individual seasons and the top career free-throw percentage.

Dave: I've got two truly elite players in the backcourt, now its time to get a big man. My next pick was a great inside out power forward who could hit the three, put the ball on the floor, or finish on the inside. He averaged over 15 points per game as a senior, while leading Oregon to a rare NCAA Tournament appearance, and was 39% from three and 78% from the line over his career. I'll take the masked man, A.D. Smith.

Matt: He may have only played at Oregon for 2 years, but in those 2 seasons he became #1 and #2 in Oregon history for steals in a season. More importantly he stole my heart. With my third pick to lock down the PG, I select Malcolm Armstead. Besides being a ball hawk and thief, Armstud also dropped a lot of dimes while at Oregon. He's #9 all time for most career assists and jumped into the top 10 all time season records when he dished out 167 assists in 2010.

Jeff: Here's a pick that goes deep. You could hold on to the belief, as I have in my previous picks, that statistics say everything. However, I don't believe this is the case when putting together a championship team. This is why my next pick goes to one of the best point guards at Oregon, a Converse All-American who won the NCAA title in 1939. From Astoria, Oregon, two-time captain, with the heart of a champion (because he was), one of 6 players to have their number retired at Oregon, and member of the Oregon Sports and University of Oregon Hall of Fame, welcome Bobby Anet to my squad!

Round 4

Jeff: So right now I'm looking at a big man down low with Blair Rasmussen, a high flying small forward in Malik Hairston, and a point guard who executes and wins championships. This leaves a role to fill, and with the value of this player it was impossible to miss. He played alongside Kenya Wilkins in the 90's and was the highest scorer on the team for two years. He's the sixth highest scorer in Oregon basketball history, shooting almost 40% from the 3-point stripe and averaging just shy of 19 points a game his last two years. The long bomber who can let it fly anywhere on the court, Orlando Williams, get over here. /high fives from everybody

Matt: I've got the high flyer in Jones. I have a rebounding machine and most likely Oregon's best late game scoring threat in Jackson. The commander of the offense and natural born thief runs the point in Armstud. I need someone that can bang down low, get points in the paint and grab every free rebound to start my offense. With my 4th pick in the draft I am taking the one and only "Jungle Jim" Loscutoff. Loscutoff grew up in San Francisco, graduating from Palo Alto High in 1948. He didn't reach Oregon for two years, but developed into a 6-foot-5 standout forward at Oregon from 1951-55. He still holds the all-time record for rebounding average in a season at 17.2 rebounds per game in 1954-55. He was selected 4th overall by the Boston Celtics and Red Auerbach to help shore up their defense in the 1955 draft. He went on to win 7 championship rings with the Celtics and was selected into the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame's inaugural class in 1980.

Dave: I know I need to address my frontcourt, but sometimes you need to take best player available. This guy played only two years for Oregon, but still managed to score a thousand career points, averaging 20.5 and 18.6 in his two seasons. He also rebounded extremely well for a guard, averaging over five per game for his career. This pick ensures that I have the best backcourt on the floor at all times. I choose Antione Stoudamire.

Nick: With my next pick I'll take an undersized power forward who was the heart and soul of his team during his final year in which he led the Ducks in scoring (15.9 ppg) and rebounds (6.7) while leading the team to the 2011 CBI championship. Joevan Catron, welcome aboard

Paul: I need a forward, and although there aren't a ton of outstanding forwards in Oregon's history, my next pick is one who is highly underrated. Bryan Bracey was a first-team All-Pac-10 selection in 2001, averaging 18.6 points and 7.1 rebounds per game. In two seasons, he had a career field goal percentage of 51.8% (8th all-time). He was also Mr. Irrelevant in the 2001 NBA Draft. He's relevant now as my starting power forward.

Tako: Talk about value, I get to pick an All-Americans with my fourth pick!

At small forward, I take a player who ranks 16th on Oregon's all-time scoring list, and put together one of the best individual seasons in Duck history. As a senior in 1962, he averaged 22.2 points per game - the third highest single season total in Duck history - and 10.2 rebounds, earning All-American status on a team that went 7-19. A 1992 Oregon Hall of Fame and 2011 Pac-10 Hall of Fame honoree, I select Charlie Warren.

Round 3 Tako Maarty Leunen
Paul Slim Wintermute
Nick Tajuan Porter
Dave A.D. Smith
Matt Malcolm Armstead
Jeff Bob Anet
Round 4 Jeff Orlando Williams
Matt Jim Loscutoff
Dave Antoine Stoudamire
Nick Joevan Catron
Paul Bryan Bracey
Tako Charlie Warren

Rosters so far:

Tako Kenya Wilkins Charlie Warren Maarty Leunen Greg Ballard
Paul Aaron Brooks Ron Lee Bryan Bracey Slim Wintermute
Nick Luke Ridnour Tajuan Porter Joevan Catron Stan Love
Dave Terrell Brandon Anthony Taylor A.D. Smith Antione Stoudamire
Matt Malcolm Armstead Fred Jones Luke Jackson Jim Loscutoff
Jeff Bobby Anet Orlando Williams Malik Hairston Blair Rassmusen