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Miracle Wolf Scholarship Fund: The Challenge

The gauntlet has been thrown down!

The wonderful Dvieira family has decided to put us to the test. Dom hit me up on chat last night and said he wanted to do something to spur on more donations. He and his wife said they wanted to match donations beyond a certain point. So here is what he is proposing:

The last time we did a fundraiser like this, we raised a little over $1,200. Well, the Dvieira's are going to match every dollar we raise in cash donations over the $1,200 mark up to $1,000. That means if we are able to get $2,200 in cash donations, Dom will write a check for another $1,000 making our contribution to the OI Foundation over $3,200.

Can we do it?

This is going to take a concerted effort. We've already had a great response as Husky and Beaver fans have stepped up as well to contribute. But we're going to need more. We're going to leave the donation window open till the end of this week (Saturday at 8am). So make sure to tweet this and remind people on facebook, that we have a new goal to reach. Make Dom write a big check!