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Quack Fix: Big basketball recruiting news, Diamond Ducks all alone in first place, DAT was fast

I'm so fast my feet don't touch the ground
I'm so fast my feet don't touch the ground

Theon Greyjoy is a pansy and Robb Stark is going to remove his head from his body, and he won't need 4 strokes to do it, and send it back to Lord Baylon. Onto the Quack:

  • What a great season the baseball team is already having. The Pac 12 is a gauntlet of good teams and Oregon is taking them apart one at a time. The 10th ranked Ducks took the series against the 11th ranked Wildcats this weekend to move them 1 1/2 games into the lead in the Pac 12 standings. This series win on the road, may have just gotten the Ducks a National Seed, at least that's what the guys had on their minds as they headed into it.
  • Top 10 player, Anthony Bennett has narrowed his list to 2 schools, UNLV and Oregon. I know some fans are going to feel reluctant to get excited about this considering what Jabari Brown did last year, as well as what Altman has done with lessor talent, but if you want to succeed long term you have to be in the running for the big names nationally. There are a lot of them that will not pan out, and even some that will not be the right fit, but unless you want to be just a mediocre school in a mediocre conference enjoying CBI and NIT berths, you have to go after the top talent. I for one would love to see what a top 10 post player could do in Altman's offense. Think Olu Ashaolu with more talent and younger.
  • Track and field is off to a good start at the Pac 12 Championships as they have a 10 point jumpstart in the team standings thanks to Brianne Theisen and Dakotah Keys. Theisen was on track to break Ucla's Jackie Joyner-Kersee's total in the heptathlon, but hit a wall with 150 meters left.
  • Speaking of track, De'Anthony Thomas is still fast. Having not run track in 2 years, Thomas anchored the 4x100 relay team in a win and then finsihed second in the 200 meters in 21.60 and third in the 100 meters in 10.65. If you watch the video, it looks like DAT holds a lead at the around the 50 meter mark, but is out done in the end.

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