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Quack Fix: Baseball Weekend Drama, Softball, Brett Bafaro, and Mini-Puff Needs a PR Firm

Ever notice that whenever Voldemort has an opportunity to kill Harry Potter, he just screws off and talks to people instead? Come on man, sack up. On with the quack.

  • Softball had their chances in their opening game in the College World Series against the Arizona State Sun Devils, but it just wasn't in the cards as the Ducks lost 3-1 on Thursday night. Tako had a wonderful write up last night that you should check out. If you want a rundown of all of yesterdays action, check it all out here. Softball on ESPN always reminds me that pro hockey and basketball are winding down and that we have 2 long, horribly awful months of professional baseball to sit through but we can really start talking fall camp. At least reruns of the spelling bee will be on. Hopefully Stephen A. Smith can be on commentary.
  • It's never too early to start looking towards next season in college football. We all know what kinds of big games are out there but this one is from the Washington Huskies perspective and well, the answer is October 6th against Oregon! Every year, I tell myself that this is the year that the Huskies reach up and grab one. One of these days, I'm going to be right. The interesting thing about this game will be how different the schedules will be going into things. If Washington makes it to that game in one piece, they will be battle tested because of the rough schedule. Oregon will have largely played cupcakes so it may be difficult to get a gauge on what that one will look like.
  • Oregon Football recruit Brett Bafaro has a decision to make. Do you take the full ride scholarship in football and head to the U of O or do you take your chances in the Major League Baseball draft where it looks like you are going to go in the top 10 rounds and be assured of a signing bonus in the triple digits?
  • The Oregon Athletic Department gets a good deal of ribbing about Nike being responsible for their success but there is one thing money has trouble buying... a perfectly executed hit and run. Head Coach George Horton has been instrumental in the resurgence of Duck Baseball over the last 4 years and with the Eugene Regional starting this weekend, he will face his old team and "second family" Cal State Fullerton. I'm thinking that Rob Mullens may be regretting the whole delay in contract negotiations thing. Depending on how this all plays out, he may have to shell out a ton of dough or let the man walk. Here's a preview of the Austin Peay Governors.
  • Men's golf is onto match play in the NCAA Championships with a seventh place finish in the opening rounds.
  • I'm going to leave this here without comment for fear of riling up the political gods. Sean "Puffy" Combs' son signed a letter of intent to play football on scholarship at UCLA and local California residents are peeved that a family who is so well off is receiving a free ride to the school.
And finally today, have you ever seen an iceberg flip over?