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The ATQ All-Time Oregon Basketball Fantasy Draft : Rounds 7 & 8

We're into the final 2 rounds of the draft. Most of the high-profile players have already been taken, but there are still some gems available to pick up. It also brings up an interesting question; would you rather have an undersized and statistically prolific player from 20+ years ago that played 4 years for Oregon, or a one-and-done athlete from the last decade that if they were to play on-on-one would dominate his foe of yesteryear? Go ahead and discuss in the comments.

Round 7

Tako: Okay, I've got my backup point guard. Now I need a high-energy big guy that can give me quality minutes and change the tone of a game. Nick took Joevan Catron like nine rounds ago, but lucky for me there's a better version of Catron still on the board. The Ducks all-time leader in both season (.619) and career (.565) field goal percentage, this player played taller than his 6'7" stature to become a Pac-10 standout for the Ducks. As a starter under head coach Dan Monson, he thrived with grit, hustle, and determination. As my big man off the bench, he makes a formidable frontcourt even more dangerous. Imagine sliding Maarty Luenen to the 3, and playing them all at once! Before Ridnour and Jackson, there was my pick, the original Luuuuuuuuuuuuuke, Richard Lucas.

Paul: I need a three-point specialist to come in off the bench and knock down a couple from beyond the arc to help my squad pull away down the stretch, and you'd be hard-pressed to find someone better than Anthony Lever. The son of NBA journeyman Fat Lever, he ranks third all-time in career 3-point field goal percentage (41%), including the single-season record when he hit HALF of his 3-point attempts during the 2001-02 season. (You didn't misread that...he made half of his 106 attempts.) Is it a stretch to draft a guy who didn't even start his senior year (after starting his junior year, he lost the starting job to Luke Jackson in 2001-02)? Not when you factor in that that 2001-02 team was probably the second-best Oregon team in school history, completely with their first-ever Elite Eight appearance. Oh, and he made HALF of his 3-point attempts.

Nick: I already have the most prolific 3-point shooter in Oregon history and to bolster my bench, I'll take another. He finished his four-year career at Oregon 3rd all time in 3-pointers made and 4th all time in 3-point percentage. As my backup SG, I select James Davis.

Dave: Every bench needs a seven footer who can rebound, score inside and out, and who is a fantastic passer out of the post. I'll take Ian Crosswhite.

Matt: It's never a bad thing when you can pick up a 4 year player and 7 foot center in the 7th round. With my 7th pick I select Chris Chrisoffersen. Christoffersen emerged in his senior season to be a beast down low. He shot 55% from the field and ended the season third all time for most blocks in a season.

Jeff: After being scooped twice on players I liked in between picks I had to dig deep for this one, and I'm pretty sure I found a gem. Kamikaze Kid Mike Drummond was a pure point guard who is on the top 10 all time for most assists in a career. He played a lot and played consistent, exactly what I'm looking for in a reserve.

Round 8

Jeff: To round off my team I'm going back to a forward, Greg Trapp. One of his brightest moments was hitting a shot to force overtime against UCLA by catching a ball about to go about out of bounds, then turning and shooting from behind the basket. Clutch. He also is second in Oregon history for best shooting percentage in a season and career.

Matt: He may have been at Oregon for less than one full season, but the time he was here was action packed. As a matter of fact, if he had completed an entire season at Oregon, there is a good chance he would have been Pac 12 player of the year. As it were, he made first team all Pac 12, he led the Ducks in scoring with 16.7 pts/game and 3 pt FGs made. With my last pick coming off the bench to play point/shooting guard I select Devoe Joseph.

Dave: For my final selection, I need to address the final need on my team--that of a physical enforcer down low, and I'm getting one of my favorite Ducks of all-time to fill the spot. This guy only averaged 7.5 ppg for his career, but added seven rebounds and about a block per game all while playing outstanding low post defense. I'll take Robert Johnson.

Nick: I need another big man to fill out my roster, so I'll take a center from the 50's who finished his career with the fourth highest rebounding total. His 1954 and 1955 seasons represent the 9th and 6th best single seasons rebounding totals and he also led the team in scoring in 1955 with 15.4 points per game. My final player is Max Anderson.

Paul: I'm closing out my draft with a relatively controversial pick. Michael Dunigan played only two years at Oregon before turning pro (internationally) after his sophomore season. But can you blame him? The fallout from the firing of Ernie Kent sent the entire program into disarray, and nearly everyone on that roster eventually left the program. Although Dunigan never fully lived up to his enormous potential, he was still an absolute force defensively. In two years, he climbed to No. 7 on Oregon's all-time career blocked shots list (Nos. 1-6 all played four years), finishing with the second-highest average in school history with 1.1 blocks per game (although Tony Woods is on pace to move into first place next season, bumping Dunigan to third). Had he played his final two seasons, he likely would have shattered the Oregon career blocks record of 113 (held by Blair Rasmussen).

Tako: With my final pick, I take a player ranked sixth all-time in three-point shooting percentage, and whose 1996-97 season ranks as one of the best shooting seasons in Oregon history: 14.6 points per game, 45% from three, and 88% from the free throw line. He finished his career with 976 points, while also chipping in a steal per game. He also has chemistry with my starting point guard, Kenya Wilkins, as the two played together at Oregon and currently work together for Wilkins' Game Time Training organization. To close out the ATQ Oregon Basketball Fantasy Draft, I select Jamal Lawrence.

Round 7 Tako Richard Lucas
Paul Anthony Lever
Nick James Davis
Dave Ian Crosswhite
Matt Chris Christoffersen
Jeff Mike Drummond
Round 8 Jeff Greg Trapp
Matt Devoe Joseph
Dave Robert Johnson
Nick Max Anderson
Paul Michael Dunigan
Tako Jamal Lawrence

Full Rosters

PG SG SF PF C Res Res Res
Tako Kenya Wilkins Jim Barnett Charlie Warren Maarty Leunen Greg Ballard Chuck Rask Richard Lucas Jamal Lawrence
Paul Aaron Brooks Ron Lee John Dick Bryan Bracey Slim Wintermute Lauren Gale Anthony Lever Michael Dunigan
Nick Luke Ridnour Tajuan Porter Steve Jones Joevan Catron Stan Love Darius Wright James Davis Max Anderson
Dave Terrell Brandon Anthony Taylor EJ Singler A.D. Smith Mike Clark Antione Stoudamire Ian Crosswhite Robert Johnson
Matt Malcolm Armstead Fred Jones Luke Jackson Jim Loscutoff Chris Christoffersen Bryce Taylor Bob Peterson Devoe Joseph
Jeff Bobby Anet Orlando Williams Malik Hairston Chet Noe Blair Rassmusen Alex Scales Mike Drummond Greg Trapp