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Quack Fix: Oregon gets a new President

Last week, Jared and I went through the ATQ archives. That's six years, over 3,500 stories, and it was interesting to see where we've been. We used to call the 'Quack Fix" the "Morning Oatmeal." I saw the post where we hired Chip Kelly as offensive coordinator, and had no idea who he was. Basketball made a run to the Elite Eight. Oregon went to the National Championship Game, then finally won a Rose Bowl. There was a point where we were excited to get ten comments in a game thread. As the athletic year comes to an end here at UO, we want to thank you for making this site what it is. Now that the sappiness is over, onto the quack:

That's all the quack for today. Stay tuned after the jump for a Pac-12 Network trailer. In the meantime, if you find more quack, make sure to share.