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Quack Fix: Ducks pick up their fifth commitment

I'm a bit behind this morning, so let's get straight to the quack:

  • Oregon recruiting is picking up steam as the Ducks picked up the fifth commitment of the year, and second of the week. 3-star WR Darren Carrington out of San Diego committed to the Ducks immediately after receiving a scholarship offer yesterday. Carrington is a rising player who had offers from Michigan, Arizona, and Arizona State among many others. But he held out for Oregon's offer, and he impressed the Oregon coaching staff to get a very hard-to-get offer from the Ducks.
  • [UPDATE] SBNation profiled Carrington in May, calling him "fast rising." Carrington, son of a former NFL player, sounds like a great pickup for Frost and company.
  • The Ducks are getting smarter! With APR scores on the rise, that's the only logical conclusion, right? With a strong year for football team, their 4-year average APR of 948 now falls at the national average. The basketball team is flirting with penalties, however, as transfers take their toll. Their score of 926 is one point above where they could face penalties.
  • Well, there's a consensus on a college football playoff. In two years, we'll have a 4-team playoff for college football. The commissioners will recommend a 4-team playoff of the "best teams" chosen by a committee. Goodbye BCS! There are still a bunch of questions, but I agree with Matt Hinton: "Who cares? We're going to have a college football playoff. The rest is gravy."
  • At FishDuck, Josh Schlichter takes a look at Mike Leach's "6" route. He also shows how Chip Kelly could learn from it.

Finally, stardux dropped this in the comments last night, a highlight video of the greatest plays in Oregon history. Beware, this and the related videos will cause a complete loss of productivity. GO DUCKS!