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Ducks on a roll in recruiting, four commits in the last week

Oregon Ducks head coach Chip Kelly responds to the question: "How many recruits does Oregon State have?"  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Oregon Ducks head coach Chip Kelly responds to the question: "How many recruits does Oregon State have?" (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
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I apologize for the lack of recruiting updates lately but fate saw fit for the Ducks to have their busiest recruiting period for the 2013 class during the one week I was completely unavailable due to work. The rest of the ATQ team did a good job of keeping on top of the announcements, but just to recap, the Ducks received three commitments last week: TE Johnny Mundt, WR Darren Carrington, and DB Chris Seisay, all from California. This was followed yesterday by kicker Matt Wogan from North Carolina committing to the Ducks, bringing Oregon's total to seven for the 2013 class.

Mundt was a player that I hadn't heard of before so his commitment surprised me. Upon further review he looks like an excellent pickup. He's 6'5, 235 lbs and had seen his stock rise in the last month. In addition to Oregon, he had offers from California, Colorado, Oregon State, and Washington, among others. On film he shows good hands and physicality, though he often looks like he is going against smaller and weaker opponents. Still, TE is a position of need this year after news that Christian French is converting to DE, and it's always nice to pick up a player that your regional recruiting rivals are also targeting. After his committment, Justin Hopkins of 247sports reported that Mundt would not be taking any more visits.

Darren Carrington is probably the most exciting pickup of last week. He's a 6'2, 180 lbs receiver from San Diego who shows great body control and the ability to go up in the air and come down with the ball over and over. Athleticism and speed are necessary attributes in Oregon's offense and Carrington possesses both, but his ability to go up and get the ball is to me the most attractive thing about him as a prospect. Carrington is the kind of player that can go out and make a play when the team needs it most. Besides Oregon, he held offers from Michigan, Boise State, and California, among many others. The son of a former NFLer, Carrington is another player who said he grew up watching the Ducks and couldn't wait for an offer: he committed on the spot after receiving an offer during his visit last week. While receiver continues to be a question mark on the field heading into the 2012 season, give Coach Frost a lot of credit for recruiting top-end talent at the position over the last several years. For a more in depth profile of Carrington, check out Derrell Warren's article for SBNation.

After the jump, check out profiles of defensive back Chris Seisay and kicker Matt Wogan, as well as video of Darren Carrington:

Chris Seisay committed to Boise State just a couple weeks ago, but the day after receiving an offer from Oregon, switched his commitment to the Ducks. Regardless of what you think about their annual recruiting class rankings, Boise State has been one of the best programs in the country for the past decade, and flipping one of their recruits is a big deal. Seisay currently measures at around 6'2, 180 lbs and shows excellent size and speed for a defensive back. He is reportedly making the switch from safety to cornerback for his high school team this year. Seisay also camped at Oregon last week, where he was named the defensive backs MVP. Like Mundt, Seisay is reportedly done taking visits to other schools.

Finally, Oregon picked up a commitment from Kicker Matt Wogan yesterday. Wogan is the 3rd overall ranked kicker in the country, according to Chris Sailer. Kickers don't get star rankings or as much fanfare as other prospects but recruiting the position is as important as any other, and for the second year in a row, the Ducks have picked up one of the best in the country. Special teams can win or lose games. Oregon vs. Cal, Stanford vs. Oklahoma State, and Oregon vs. USC are just three big games in recent memory where the result has been decided by a last second field goal. Justin Hopkins of 247sports interviewed Wogan, who had this to say: " I love the people, the academics and the coaches...In the end it was a very easy decision for me." The Ducks are on a nice little roll.

Now watch Darren Carrington bring the ball down with one hand, leap over defenders, catch bombs over his shoulder, and set vicious blocks downfield:

Darren Carrington JR Highlights (San Diego, CA) WR/DB (via 247SportsStudio)