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Quack Fix: Brett Kingma to Transfer, Kent State Comes to Town, 2006 Oklahoma, and Garden of Your Mind

Dear Stephen Colbert. If you are reading this, we'd love to have you come to our tailgate in the fall for a football game. We'll cook for you, give you a hamburger, talk about Super PACs and we'll buy you a nice shirt. Sincerely, Dominic and Sherrie... Your biggest fans. PS: I'll see you in health!

  • Brett Kingma is the latest member of Oregon Men's Basketball's 2011 recruiting class to leave the program. He was granted his release from scholarship this week. The article has an interesting quote from Kingma regarding the "system" and how it wasn't helping him to reach his full potential. With Kingma's transfer, this leaves only Carlos Emory and Austin Kuemper from that 2011 class.
  • Baseball is set to host it's first ever Super Regional under the new format as Kent State comes to PK Park. The Golden Flashes have won 20 games in a row coming into the matchup and shouldn't be taken lightly by George Horton and crew. We're officially in winning time. The article also has a few nice view interviews. Also, looking for a ticket? My understanding is that the reserved seats are all sold out. To the GA section with you!
  • In more Baseball news, there is a bit of sibling rivalry with the Hambrights on the baseball team. Good feature on the two Baseball Ducks. Also, a freshman class that has been thrown into the thick of things and has been one of shining sports for this 2012 Ducks squad.
  • An Oklahoma blog relives one of my favorite games ever, 2006 Oklahoma v. Oregon at Autzen Stadium, complete with newspaper articles and clippings from the aftermath. Upon review, I still say we blocked that kick. They are counting down the worst losses of Bob Stoops career and this game comes in at only number 13.
And finally, what Friday wouldn't be complete without your video. This week's video comes to us originally from the past but with a future update. I leave you with a positive message about the Garden of Your Mind.