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ATQ All-Time Fantasy Basketball Tournament: Poll 4

So Tako won the first elimination poll beating Jeff with 64% of the votes. This week we have two teams that both finished second in their first round of fan voting vying for a chance to make it to the final four. Nick's team has the dynamic duo of Stan Love and Luke Ridnour, yet has 2 undersized guys in Tajuan Porter and Joevan Catron in his starting line up. Dave's team is led by all time great Terrell Brandon, but lacks some scoring punch to go with him.

Here is the way the bracket looks now:


Here are the roster line ups for this week's match up:

PG SG SF PF C Res Res Res
Nick Luke Ridnour Tajuan Porter Steve Jones Joevan Catron Stan Love Darius Wright James Davis Max Anderson
Dave Terrell Brandon Anthony Taylor EJ Singler A.D. Smith Mike Clark Antione Stoudamire Ian Crosswhite Robert Johnson

So which team do you want to see move on. Vote for your favorite team in the poll below.