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Quack Fix: Kiko starts to open up, LaMichael moves on and track and field still unsettled

I guess it's true, dawgs and Cats just can't get along. Onto the quack:

  • I'm glad Kiko is starting to open up about his role on the team and what transpired with him last season. First of all, Kiko will be an invaluable member of what is supposed to be one of the best defenses Oregon has ever had. Second of all, with what has been a relatively quiet off season (The Tampa 2-step not withstanding) it is good to see that those members of the team that have had previous issues with the law are learning from it and passing some of that wisdom onto the younger players.
  • Wow, do people really care who John Canzano considers the most influential people in Oregon sports?
  • There continues to be a shake up in the Track and Field program. Jenni Ashcroft will not be returning to the Women's team. The closed-lip nature of the AD seems reasonable for programs that are under a lot of scrutiny, but with what has gone on lately in the T&F program, it really would be nice if someone would speak out and let us know.
  • Speaking of track and field, I'd love to know people's opinion on Title IX, especially considering this film that was showing at the Hollywood Theater.
  • I'm finding it hard to root against the Niners. Best of luck to LaMichael as he starts the next chapter of his life. Your Duck family will always love you!

Lastly, this Quack Fix is being written prior to the NCAA's announcement on sanctions for Penn State. As someone that was raised a huge Penn State fan, and has been to more games in State College than Eugene, I'm deeply saddened by what has come to light over the last few months. That being said, if you have to burn the entire University down so that no one in athletics ever puts the welfare of sports and money over that of children being stripped of their youth, than so be it.

Feel free to discuss the PSU situation or other Quack links you find in the comments.