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ATQ All-Time Fantasy Basketball Tournament: Poll 5

We're down to the Final Four after Nick edged out Dave last week. This week's match up pits good versus evil. Right versus wrong. The Rebellion versus the Evil Empire. Takimoto's strengths are Matt Daddy's weaknesses, and Matt Daddy's strengths are Takimoto's weaknesses. Tako sports one of the best big men to ever play for the Ducks in Greg Ballard and a stud point guard in Kenya Wilkins. Matt's small forward of Luke Jackson and athletic shooting guard in Fred Jones will anchor the scoring for his team, plus Matt's bench is available to provide a punch.

Here is the way the bracket looks now:


Here are the roster line ups for this week's match up:

PG SG SF PF C Res Res Res
Tako Kenya Wilkins Jim Barnett Charlie Warren Maarty Leunen Greg Ballard Chuck Rask Richard Lucas Jamal Lawrence
Matt Malcolm Armstead Fred Jones Luke Jackson Jim Loscutoff Chris Christoffersen Bryce Taylor Bob Peterson Devoe Joseph

So which team do you want to see move on. Vote for your favorite team in the poll below.