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Quack Fix: Track and Field Coaching Situation, Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Colt Lyerla

Just received word from the University of Oregon Athletic Department. They are going to open up all practices, release all Willie Lyles information and finally out John Canzano's source as soon as Rob Moseley goes on vacation later this month. In other news, labor laws have been revoked for anyone named "Adam Jude". On to the quack.

  • Autzen Zoo has a nice analysis on an area where the Oregon Ducks football team does not have much depth. Colt Lyerla is the clear starter at tight end but after that, it gets a bit murky. My feeling is that Oregon has been Tight-End-U for a long time now and I just don't see this changing. I seem to remember discussions from last year where tight end was a concern and those concerns just didn't come to pass. I think there is a difference between "concern" and "unknown" and given the way the unit has performed over the last decade, I'm going with "unknown".
  • Friend of the Blog, and 2nd Fiddle to no one, Ken Goe has some more information about Track and Field assistant coach Robert Johnson and all the "something is going on but no one is spilling the beans" event from last weekend. A working theory is that Johnson was very close to a deal with North Carolina, forcing Oregon to act and shuffle things around. If true, that would be two high-profile coaches at Oregon who have spurned east coast advances to ensure they get rained on 363 days-a-year. It may never rain at Autzen Stadium, but it definitely rains at Hayward.
  • The Seattle PI Blog, while taking some shots at their neighbor to the south, has a story about how surely Oregonians must put aside their allegiances and root for the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League. According to Public Policy Polling, 686 Oregon residents agree. The Green Bay Packars are far and away (by 1%) the team of choice in the Duck State (win a Civil War OSU and we'll start calling it the Beaver State again).
  • Oregon has set the bar for the facilities race but how is everyone else doing? Great quote of the article... Oregon is "spending money like a Kardashian with an AMEX Black Card on Rodeo". My response? Hmm, Pac-12 tears are DELICIOUS.
And finally, I could have gone the easy route in today's video and posted up the San Diego Fireworks display. The problem is, I didn't want my wife to start making comparisons. Instead, I give you a video that is high brow humor at its finest. Have a great weekend!