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ATQ All-Time Fantasy Basketball Tournament: Poll 2

So we're on to Poll 2 with Matt easily winning Poll 1. Here is the way the bracket looks now.


For Poll 2, here are the rosters of the competing teams. Also, after the jump is each of the owner's explanations of their team. Please vote for the one you think should move on.

PG SG SF PF C Res Res Res
Paul Aaron Brooks Ron Lee John Dick Bryan Bracey Slim Wintermute Lauren Gale Anthony Lever Michael Dunigan
Dave Terrell Brandon Anthony Taylor EJ Singler A.D. Smith Mike Clark Antione Stoudamire Ian Crosswhite Robert Johnson
Jeff Bobby Anet Orlando Williams Malik Hairston Chet Noe Blair Rassmusen Alex Scales Mike Drummond Greg Trapp

Paul: I don't think my team is the best team drafted. I know it is. I managed to pick the best backcourt with Brooks and Lee, as well as the three best Tall Firs (Wintermute, Dick and Gale). Combine that with an underrated Bracey and some decent specialists off the bench (Lever for threes, Dunigan for defense) and you have easily the best team in the draft.

Dave: Basketball has become a guard's game, so I wanted to build my team around a group of guards that could dominate the floor by scoring inside and out, but who were also excellent passer. With Brandon, Taylor, and Stoudamire, I have three elite scorers, all lightning fast, capable of dominating games, and all capable of shooting from outside and finishing at the rim. Oregon has really had few physically dominant big men, so I wanted a versatile front court that could score, but more importantly rebound and defend. EJ Singler is extremely versatile at small forward, a scorer who is a very good rebounder for his position. Smith and Crosswhite were outstanding scorers, while Clark and Johnson give me the toughness needed on defense and on the boards. It doesn't have a single dominating post like a Ballard or a Love, but it's the best sum of parts that there is. Between that and the guards, it's a winning combination.

Jeff: I'm pretty excited with how the draft turned out. I've got a national champion point guard, a shooting guard who can run like the wind, was a top ten scorer, and had one of the highest 3-point percentages in school history. Down low I took advantage of a shortage at small forward by drafting a top 10 scorer in school history in Malik Hairston. Power forward is Chet Noe who averaged a double-double his best years at Oregon. Blair Rasmussen provides a big advantage over almost every player at center (probably just below Stan Love in terms of production). I think a big key with the bench is versatility. Outside of pure point guard Mike Drummond there is the versatile Alex Scales who could play both guard positions, and if I'm trying to run and gun to make up points put at small forward. Greg Trapp is an athletic forward who could fill in at either forward. If you had to boil my team down to two phrases, they would be versatility and matchup advantages.