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ATQ Fantasy Basketball Championship Poll

In what can only be considered an upset last week, Nick's undermanned and undersized team led by Ridnour, Porter and Catron, beat Paul's dynamic duo backcourt of Brooks and Lee. Does Nick's team have what it takes to do it again? This is the Championship Poll of the ATQ Fantasy Basketball Tournament. By now you know the teams and you know the players. The winner of this poll will get a lifetime supply of Baconnaise as well as bragging rights over the other mods.

Here is the final bracket looks:


Here are the rosters of the championship teams:

PG SG SF PF C Res Res Res
Nick Luke Ridnour Tajuan Porter Steve Jones Joevan Catron Stan Love Darius Wright James Davis Max Anderson
Matt Malcolm Armstead Fred Jones Luke Jackson Jim Loscutoff Chris Christoffersen Bryce Taylor Bob Peterson Devoe Joseph

So vote for your favorite ATQ fantasy team. The trophy presentation and national anthem will be after the conclusion of the event.