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Quack Fix: Some injury news, Track town is back and Huff looks for redemption on a tough 2011 season

So my house got broken into this weekend while we were sleeping. Luckily the idiot didn't make it upstairs where my police report would have included chalk lines, and the purse (errrr. sorry Daisy, handbag) that was taken was found by a nice kid that rides his bike to work in the bushes. In all, I should be thanking this little asshole, because now he's given me something to do with the hours late at night that I spend awake. I've got a .45, two beautiful daughters to protect and more time now to figure what my story will be when they're scrapping your innards off my wall.

Onto happier news, let's see the quack:

  • While the pups to the north may be dealing with injury news after injury news after injury news, the words from the closed Oregon practices have been rather tame on the health front. Until Moseley reported that converted DE, now TE strike hard, strike first Koa Kai was seen on crutches in a boot.
  • If you didn't see Dave's fanpost, make sure to check it out. The non-rev sports may not get the attention they deserve, but here at ATQ we understand a lot of those athletes are the type that have recently been bringing home some nice shiny gold necklaces.
  • If you haven't read Goe's latest article about track and Oregon, READ IT NOW. I know Nike gets a bad rap from some that don't want to see the illusion of amateurism destroyed, but that same feeling existed when the Olympics were comprised only of amateur athletes (sound familiar). What Nike, Oregon and Lananna are doing now is reviving a sport that needed figures that Americans and fans could latch onto. Kind of like Pre (again, sound familiar?).
  • For all those high profile guys that decided to take their talents back to South Beach, there is a local kid ready to work his arse off to join a program and a team he loves with all his heart. Good for Michael Mann.
  • I really can't get tired of all the love this defense is getting.
  • I know Barner and DAT are going to get a lot of the praise and attention this season, but the one guy on offense I'm most excited to see is Huff. Huff had a tumultuous 2011 year, and that was pretty clear in his tweets and play on the field. With the WR spot wide open and the need for help in the backfield, Huff is the prime candidate to have another breakout year that makes us all scratch our heads and wonder why people were overlooking him in the first place.

There is plenty of quack out there from the first full week of practice. Make sure to drop any other links in the comments.