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Quack Fix: Green Winged Helmets, A Kicker Preview, Josh Huff and the Cookie Monster

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C is for Championships, that's good enough for me!

  • Nothing like some good ole' uniform news to make the wait for kickoff even more unbearable. If you haven't seen the green winged helmet, make sure you scroll down past this post and look at the fanshot below. I'll be honest, I love anything uniform-related involving the University of Oregon Athletics Program, even the "Grellow" helmets, so I'm about the last person in the world that needs to give an opinion on these. That being said, I love the green winged versions and can only hope that we'll be surprised with additional versions, hopefully including yellow.
  • I got a question. Where on earth is the Kicker preview? Come on ATQ Staff! You're killing me. Thankfully friend of the blog, and part time Newsies reenactment actor, Adam Jude, has a story profiling Rob Beard and Alejandro Maldonado as they battle it out for the 2012 starter. Most people forget that Beard was the 2011 starter until the 2nd game where injury struck, sidelining him for 2 months and serving to burn the planned redshirt for Maldonado for the second straight season. I'll never forget Maldonado's field goal attempt, not the missed one against USC, but the next one where he looked so incredibly relieved and Chip was so happy for him on the sidelines. Coming back from all that adversity to succeed was a microcosm of what the 2011 season ended up being.
  • In football recruiting news, there is a somewhat interesting quote from running back recruit Derrick Green who has Oregon in his final list of schools. Getting a commitment from Green would make a total of 3 running backs in the class of 2013 with Thomas Tyner and Dontre Wilson previously giving verbal commitments. Also of note, sounds like Dontre will be wearing a certain special number.
  • Is Josh Huff really our most experienced receiver? While I'm not quite sure on the headline, the rest of the feature on Josh, what injuries he fought through and how he has molded himself into a leader make for an interesting read. Looking back on his action last year, I have to say that if there is anyone poised to have a breakout season, it's Josh Huff although his production may get overshadowed by some of the other weapons on the offensive side of the ball.
  • Around the conference, USC is dealing with pre-season injuries including 2 defensive ends lost for the season. Jim Mora got so upset at his UCLA squad, he threw the whole team out of practice. Stanford is going through their own QB battle to decide who will be "NOT-Luck". Hopefully, California has finally fixed their football field drainage problems. The Beavers are trying to talk themselves into feeling good about offense and running game. The Cougs are quietly sharpening their swords and making cannonballs for the upcoming season. Washington dismissed a couple of running backs and also are having their own injury woes during the pre-season. Apparently Arizona is in good shape because lots of coaches have been copying Rich Rod and his genius! And finally, Arizona State is climbing mountains.
And finally, you got cookie! So share it maybe?