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ATQ All-Time Fantasy Basketball Tournament: Poll 6

Who wouldn't love to see this semi-final match up? Luke Ridnour against Aaron Brooks. Slim Wintermute against Stan Love. Anthony Lever against James Davis... oh wait. In all seriousness, one team has arguably one of Oregon's best point guards and the other has one of Oregon's shooting guards. Paul looks to have the the advantage on paper, but can Nick pull off the upset?

Here is the way the bracket looks now:


Here are the roster line ups for this week's match up:

PG SG SF PF C Res Res Res
Paul Aaron Brooks Ron Lee John Dick Bryce Bracey Slim Wintermute Lauren Gale Anthony Lever Michael Dunigan
Nick Luke Ridnour Tajuan Porter Steve Jones Joevan Catron Stan Love Darius Wright James Davis Max Anderson

So which team do you want to see move on? Vote for your favorite team in the poll below.