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Quack Fix: Arkansas State Depth at Receiver, Huddling is Slow for LaMichael James, Xile Has a New Song

Now, speaking of sore-losers, how fitting is it that we are in the capital city of sore-losers: Buffalo, New York! Now, I'm talking Super Bowls, Stanley Cup Finals, O.J.! It so doesn't get anymore depressing than right here!

  • The summer is long, oh so long my friends. A contributor to Yahoo! Sports, who says he has been a fan of the Oregon Ducks since the 80's, gives us the Top 25 Reasons to Dislike the SEC from an Oregon Fan's perspective. While some of the entries on the list are pretty amusing, I shook my head right at the beginning when the "Oregon Fan" referenced our rivals as "the Oregon State Beavers, or the USC Trojans or perhaps the Washington Huskies". Perhaps? Come on man. There is no way USC is a bigger rival to Oregon than Oregon State or Washington.
  • Former University of Oregon running back LaMichael James is hard at work learning the new playbook as a member of the San Francisco 49ers. He's not only had to deal with an entirely different playbook, he's also had to deal with this weird concept called "the huddle". Great quote from James in this article when talking about the huddle and the NFL style. "I've never really played really slow."
  • Friend of the Blog, and modern day troubadour, Xile, looks to have released a new song for the upcoming 2012 football season. Some familiar places and faces appear in the video. How many do you recognize?
  • As the NFL season approaches, we have updates on a number of former Oregon Ducks players including Josh Kaddu with the Miami Dolphins, Mark Asper with the Buffalo Bills, Cliff Harris with the Philadelphia Eagles, and Darrion Weems with the New England Patriots.
  • As if we haven't been looking ahead to the season, this article talks about the depth at wide receiver for the Arkansas State Red Wolves. At just a cursory glance, there appears to be a lot of optimism regarding the offensive firepower for 2012 but a lot of questions on defense. Oregon looks to be seen as a "measuring stick" for this squad who are coming off a very successful year in 2011. Many people are looking past the Oregon non-conference schedule but don't sleep on the Red Wolves. This team is going to score and could do some major damage, especially against a team breaking in a new quarterback.

Since we already linked a video in the bullet points above, I'd like to take the bottom paragraph to remind people that we are entering the month of smack talk. Everyone (besides any non-BCS conference) has a chance at winning a national championship, everyone can go undefeated if the cards fall just right, everyone is going to get pissed off when someone posts a graphic with words on it that lots of people can say. I just can't wait to tailgate with my buddies on the south side of Autzen. Screw all that other noise.