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Oregon Ticket Office Offering Refunds for Wazzu Seattle Game Due to Extreme Ticket Charge By WSU Athletic Department

I received this email from the University of Oregon Ticket Office today concerning the Washington St. Cougars game in Seattle in September. My first reaction was how happy I was that the UO Athletic Department thought of me enough to send me this email informing me of ways to get cheaper tickets and that they would offer a refund. My second reaction was one of conflict. I want to like you Wazzu, I really do but charging the visiting University $80 a ticket while you are charging far less? Shrewd, but a dick move.

Dear Dominic,

We are emailing you because you have purchased tickets to our football game versus the Washington State Cougars on September 29th at Century Link Field in Seattle, Washington. The tickets that you purchased through our office are $80, excluding fees, and are located in the corners of the 200 and 300 levels of CenturyLink Field.

It has come to our attention that there are still plenty of seats available through and in similar locations that are priced at $45 and $15, respectively. The $80 ticket price was set by Washington State Athletics, before we got our seat locations, and represents the price Washington State is charging us for tickets. All the revenue from tickets purchased to this game goes to Washington State.

Because of the pricing difference, we are offering you a one week period to request a refund on your ticket order through the Oregon Ticket Office if you would like to purchase the lower priced tickets.. The new tickets you purchase will not be located in the official Oregon section that we allocate through our office but we want to give you an option to purchase lower priced tickets in a similar or better location. If you would like to sit near the Oregon sections, you can view a map of the sections Washington State allocated to Oregon CLICK HERE.

If you choose to have your purchase refunded, we strongly suggest that you secure new tickets prior to requesting a refund.

To refund your tickets, please contact the Oregon Ticket Office at 1.800.WEBFOOT or by Friday September 7th